Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply a foreign domestic helper?
    • Employer can be single/married/widow or divorce as long has sufficient income (like for applying Indonesian /Cambodian maids, income must be at least 36,0000 per annum; while for applying Philippine and Sri lankan maid, income must be at least 72,000 per annum.
    • Employer must have a reason to apply a maid, either to take care children below 15 years of age or to take care elderly person.
How to apply a foreign domestic helper?
    • Choose a reputable and license maid agency.
    • Select a bio data from the website.
    • Be aware of terms and condition of the maid agency agreements; Malaysian law and foreign embassy depends on the nationality of your prospective domestic helper.
    • Prepare all the required documents under Malaysian law for housemaid application (go to our employer’s guide)
How long will it take to apply a foreign domestic helper to come to Malaysia?
  • Procedures will take 2 to 3 months before the arrival of the maid in Malaysia;
  • Upon submission of complete documents and deposit payment to the reputable maid agency.
How long is the employment contract?
  • 2 years employment contract
How many years can a foreign domestic helper works in Malaysia?
  • Any foreign domestic helper is allowed to continue working in Malaysia as long as both the employer and the maid agreed to extend the employment contract.
What are the duties and responsibilities of employer?
  • Employer shall provide the maid with reasonable accommodation, food and basic personal needs (like body soap, shampoo, Colgate, sanitary napkin, and soap for washing her clothes.)
  • Employer shall not require the domestic helper to work or to engage in any activities other than that related to household duties.
  • Employer shall insure maid with the foreign worker compensation scheme in respect of any medical expenses the domestic helper may incur in the event of an injury arises/accident or fall sick during the employment period.
  • Employer shall respect the differences of cultures and beliefs on regard to the sensitivity of religious of the domestic helper.
  • Employer shall follow the terms and conditions of foreign domestic helper employment contract duly signed with the Malaysian law/foreign embassy.
  • Employer shall not abuse physically/mentally or ill treat foreign domestic helper.
  • Employer shall pay the salary on time as date upon arrival in Malaysia.
  • Employers shall not deduct the foreign domestic helper salary for any reason like UN intentionally broken or damage the things.
  • Employer shall inform the maid agency before sending the foreign domestic helper to point of origin.