Training Center

Our Maid Training Center

All our Indonesian maids, Philippines and Sri Lanka maids have been trained by professional and qualified trainers. Our maid agency set up own training center in Philippine to ensure all maid’s quality and performance to cater for the modern living requirements.

Our domestic helpers are strictly imposed by attending the Household Training Center in Philippine which is accredited by TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) with complete facilities. Our center provides a comprehensive program to experience how they take care of indoors and out door of houses as well as people. The center prepares the Roles and Responsibilities towards their Employers, Malaysian Culture and some basic Bahasa language.


Washing Dishes

Cleaning Of Refrigerator

Wiping Tables

Cleaning Utensils

Preparing Dishes

Cleaning the bath room

Cleaning Toilet

Scrubing the wall and tiles

Indoor Rooms
Moping the Floor

Preparing Bedroom

Cleaning the walls and corners


Vacuum cleaning

cleaning the furniture sets

Out Door
Watering the flower’s

Scrubing the wall and tiles

Wash and wipes Balcony and Windows


Folding Clothes

Hand wash

Using Washing Machine

awareness of colour differences and cloths materials

Steam Iron

Overall Person Care
Infant Care

Child’s care

Special child’s care

Elderly/ Disabled Care

Pets care

First Aid